Are multiple areas supported?

Are multiple areas supported?

Multiple areas are supported. Olarm conforms to the manner in which your alarm was programmed. If your alarm programming changes or you introduce a new sensor, Olarm automatically adapts to the new configuration.
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      For areas and zones: Make sure you have allowed Olarm access to your phone’s camera and or gallery beforehand From the homepage, tap on the “cog” icon on the top right corner of the specific area or zone card, that is your area or zone [Settings] Tap ...
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      Check Android version, only Android versions 5.0 and above are supported Check iOS version, only iOS versions 10 and above are supported Check that you have the latest firmware version for you phone Check that you have the latest Olarm app
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      Paradox MG5050 MG5050+ SP6000 SP6000+ SP65 EVO192 IDS 805 806* X16* X64* X64 Serial* * Requires adaptor board which is purchased separately Texecom Premier 412 Premier 816 Premier 816 PLUS Premier 832 Premier Elite (coming soon) DSC Power Series ...