For how long will the activity log be stored?

For how long will the activity log be stored?

Activity logs can be accessed as far back as 10 days.

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    • What can the activity log tell me?

      Activity log shows the different alarm status changes per area by which user and at what date and time. It also shows panic events triggered by users and provides the emergency alert for date, time and user. The panic emergency alert currently does ...
    • What do the different colour dots mean in the Activity log?

      The different colour dots represent the events of the alarm. Red: activated alarm or silent panic Orange: countdown whilst the alarm is changing from disarmed to armed status Yellow: stay armed (active) Green: device is online Blue: sleep or bypass ...
    • How would I know if I have loadshedding and I’m not home?

      You will receive an "AC Fail" notification from the Olarm App and then an "AC Restore" notification once power has been restored. This will also reflect as events in your activity log.