How do I add Secondary users

How do I add Secondary users?

1. The process is the same as the Primary user sign up

2. Before the Secondary user signs in from their phone, Primary user goes to:
  1. [Settings > Olarm Setup > Users > Add User]
  2. Enter the new user's phone number
  3. Tap [Add]

3. The Olarm will then populate automatically to the Secondary user's app

4. Open the app on the Secondary user's phone and sign in

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    • How to add secondary users

      Only the primary user is able to add users to a device. From the homescreen of the device you would like to share: 1. Go to Settings. 2. Tap on Users. 4. Tap on the "+". 5. Fill in the details and tap Add user.
    • How many users can I add to a device?

      Currently you can add up to 48 users but this can be increased upon request. Note, only the primary user of a device can add users to the specific device.
    • How do I add a device to my app?

      There are 2 ways of adding a device to your app: Method 1: Device menu dropdown Tap on the device dropdown menu. Tap on "+". Enter your device serial number, device name and verification code. Tap on the "arrow". Method 2: Device list Go to Settings. ...
    • How do I add the PRO to my app?

      You can either scan the QR code on the back of the Olarm PRO, or Go to [devices menu dropdown > add device > enter the serial number > enter the authentication code at the back of the Olarm PRO]
    • Is there a limit to how many devices I can add?

      As long as you are able to register the Olarm device with Olarm or your Armed Response company, then you can add multiple devices to your app.