How do I add the PRO to my app

How do I add the PRO to my app?

  1. You can either scan the QR code on the back of the Olarm PRO, or
  2. Go to [devices menu dropdown > add device > enter the serial number > enter the authentication code at the back of the Olarm PRO]

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    • How do I add a device to my app?

      There are 2 ways of adding a device to your app: Method 1: Device menu dropdown Tap on the device dropdown menu. Tap on "+". Enter your device serial number, device name and verification code. Tap on the "arrow". Method 2: Device list Go to Settings. ...
    • Olarm PRO 4G

      Olarm PRO 4G The Olarm PRO now provides even better connectivity with support for 4G. 4G (also known as LTE) provides substantial performance improvements over previous mobile technologies, and our 4G device is designed to offer connectivity ...
    • How do I add or change zone and area labels?

      As the Primary user go to: [Settings > Olarm Setup > Zones] Tap on the zone you would like to name > Tap [Name] Enter the label and tap [Save] Same process if you would like to change area labels
    • What type of biometric authentication does the app use?

      The Olarm app will use whichever biometric authentication is set up for your phone. FaceID, fingerprint, passcode and pattern are all accepted.
    • What is biometric authentication used for in the app?

      The Olarm app uses your phone’s biometric authentication as a security measure in addition to your password. If users are using other methods of authentication for their phone such as passcodes or patterns, then the app will default to the phone’s ...