I only see 16 zones but I have more

I only see 16 zones but I have more

  1. Go to the [Settings] “3 dots”

  2. Then go to [Olarm Setup]

  3. Tap on [Zones]

  4. Set amount of zones

  5. Then tap save

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    • I am not able to bypass any zones

      On DSC and IDS: Ensure the master code been entered into the app? On All panels Ensure bypass been enabled by the installer for the zones and areas?
    • Can my panel pull zones labels?

      Paradox: Only Paradox panels support label fetching if the zone/area labels have been added by the installer to the panel Go to [Setting > Olarm Setup > Fetch Zone Labels] This will take a few minutes. Other panels: IDS, DSC and Texecom the labels ...
    • I want to be notified of zones that have been activated

      From the homescreen, tap on the "4 squares" at the bottom navigation menu, which would be the [Live zone status]. This will open up zone status view for all states, under the tab [All]. Tap on the "Setting" icon of the specific zone for which you ...
    • Do you report the zone that triggered the alarm?

      Yes, we report all the active zones. In fact, every single zone event is sent to your app instantly and continuously whether your system is armed or disarmed.
    • What is [Sleep]?

      These are predetermined bypasses set by the installer on the panel according to the End User's specifications, as selective activation zones during hours of sleep for end user convenience. This feature is normally used when a user is going to sleep ...