Is the GSM or WiFi a fail over?

Is the GSM or WiFi a fail over?

Both connections run concurrently so if the one fails, the other connection continues running, reducing the risk of disruption and improving your security
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    • Can you connect to WiFi only?

      The Olarm PRO's mobile / GSM connection is typically used to configure the WiFi connection from the mobile app. WPS mode can however also be used to set the WiFi connection up in the event mobile coverage being a problem in the area where the Olarm ...
    • Can you connect to GSM only?

      Yes, the Olarm PRO can work exactly the same as your current Olarm.
    • How would I know if I have loadshedding and I’m not home?

      You will receive an "AC Fail" notification from the Olarm App and then an "AC Restore" notification once power has been restored. This will also reflect as events in your activity log.