My Olarm is arming but is not disarming

My Olarm is arming but is not disarming

Has your master code been entered into the app from [Settings > Olarm Setup > Master / Keypad code]?

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    • Olarm PRO 4G

      Olarm PRO 4G The Olarm PRO now provides even better connectivity with support for 4G. 4G (also known as LTE) provides substantial performance improvements over previous mobile technologies, and our 4G device is designed to offer connectivity ...
    • What is [Disarm]?

      [Disarm] is a way of deactivating the alarm system after arming it or in an event that there was an alarm, by the end user through either the app or the keypad. The area would therefore be in a state where an alarm cannot be triggered.
    • Is there a limit to how many devices I can add?

      As long as you are able to register the Olarm device with Olarm or your Armed Response company, then you can add multiple devices to your app.
    • I'm not getting notifications

      The app will not receive Olarm app notifications if the app is open In the Olarm app, make sure that the [Push Notifications] is toggled on under [Settings] Your phone settings must have [Do not disturb] turned off On your phone, enable push ...
    • What is the "countdown" state?

      "Countdown" occurs when a user is arming a disarmed area. The "countdown" state shows up with an orange dot on the activity log. Whilst in the countdown state during its transition to the armed state, zones can still be active without triggering the ...