Olarm PRO 4G

Olarm PRO 4G

Olarm PRO 4G

The Olarm PRO now provides even better connectivity with support for 4G.
4G (also known as LTE) provides substantial performance improvements over previous mobile technologies, and our 4G device is designed to offer connectivity improvements for customers currently experiencing connectivity issues on 2G networks.

What is the difference between the Olarm PRO 2G and 4G?

The Olarm PRO 4G has the added functionality of supporting the 4G/LTE network, which has improved speed and reliability to 2G/GSM.
If there is 4G network available in your area and you are not connected to WiFi, connecting to a 4G network would enable faster, more stable and more secure connectivity to IoT devices and sensors that you can control from the Olarm App.

How do I physically tell the difference between a 2G and a 4G device?

The only difference is the label on the back of he Olarm PRO 4G, which will say Olarm PRO 4G and the box it comes in will have a sticker saying it is 4G.

Which networks do Olarm devices support?

The Olarm and Olarm PRO support 2G/GSM and WiFi, whilst the Olarm PRO 4G supports 4G/LTE in addition to the existing supported networks.
We recommend connecting your Olarm device to your WiFi network for improved speed & reliability.

Who should use the PRO 4G?

If your customers are currently experiencing a good service using 2G then there is no immediate reason to switch to 4G. However, as the more advanced technology, we recommend the PRO 4G - especially if there is a stronger 4G signal in the area and your customers are experiencing 2G connectivity problems.

Do I need to change my Olarm PRO to the Olarm PRO 4G?

Even though the Olarm PRO 4G has the added feature of supporting 4G networks, it an upgraded option of the Olarm PRO, therefore all other existing features that you know and love will remain available across both devices to keep you safe at all times.
Depending on your personal usage requirements, the Olarm PRO and the Olarm will continue to work as normal with the available networks in your area.

Can I trade in my 2G device and other older Olarm devices?

Olarm does not offer trade-in for a different model.

What is the price difference between 2G and 4G?

Please contact our internal Sales team for pricing.

Is there any difference in the subscription price between 2G and 4G? 

Subscription pricing is unchanged.

How do I purchase PRO 4G?

You can purchase PRO 4G from Olarm directly or any Olarm distributor.

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