Areas and Zones

Olarm States

App Statuses

The Olarm Main menu has 3 different states indicating the status of the Olarm Radio
  1. Online - The Olarm is connected to the Panel and Cloud
  2. Offline - The Olarm has either lost power or connection to the Cloud
  3. Problem - The Olarm is unable detect or has lost connection to the Panel

Zones and Areas

The Olarm allows you to control your Alarm Panel from anywhere, you can add multiple Olarms to your App by simply tapping the drop-down menu and tapping on the Plus (+) icon then scanning the QR code of the Olarm you would like to add to your App, alternatively you can also add an Olarm by using the Serial number and the Code at the back of the Olarm Radio.
Olarm allows you to arm and disarm areas and bypass zones, stay and sleep arming is also supported on selected Panels
Reminders can be set on areas to remind a user that an area is still disarmed at specified time, this can be done by tapping on the gear icon for the specific area and if the system is still disarmed at that time, a push notification will be sent to all the users on the Olarm.
There are five Areas statuses
Disarmed (Green)
Armed (Red)
Stay Armed (Yellow)
Sleep Armed (Blue) Selected Panels only
Countdown (Orange) 
The different arming states are determined by the alarm panel programming, if you would like to change any of these settings you will need to contact your installer.
If your Area is not showing the Ready state, please the Zones page to ensure all the Zones are closed.
Zone statuses are displayed on the Zones tab which shows if any zones are open, closed or bypassed, from this page you can bypass or clear any bypasses by tapping on the zones bypass button or clear button.
Zones have the following statuses
Active (Yellow)
Closed (Green)
Bypassed (Blue)
If a zone has been bypassed and the system is armed, activating the zones will not cause the alarm to trigger.
If any zones were bypasses when the Alarm system was armed, disarming will clear the bypasses automatically.
A details activity log displaying recent events can also be viewed by tapping the Activity log Icon or by scrolling to right on the App, you will be able to see Arming, Disarming Events as well as Panics that were send by either the Panel or an App user

Olarm PRO’s statuses

Pulsing White - Booting Up

Flashing Green - Connecting to Panel

Flashing Blue - Connecting to Cloud

Solid Blue - Connected to both Cloud and Panel

Solid Red - Cannot connect to Panel

Solid Orange - Cannot connect to Cloud

Solid Purple - Firmware Upgrade in progress


If your device LED remains flashing green for more than 3 minutes - please check the connection between the Olarm PRO and the alarm panel.
If your device LED is red - please check the connection between the Olarm PRO and the alarm panel.
If your device LED is orange - please ensure that the Olarm PRO is located in an area with good mobile signal strength and away from any metal enclosures that could be interfering with the signal.
If your device LED is not coming on - please check the connection between the Olarm PRO and the alarm panel and that the alarm panel is connected to power.
If your device LED remains purple for more than 15 minutes - please contact Olarm Support:
  1. +27 21 009 0911 or

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