What is [Arm]?

What is [Arm]?

[Arm] is when the end user set the alarm to activate in the event that there is unauthorised access to an area. Setup is done either through the app or the keypad and the end user will receive a notification in-app that an alarm has been triggered. The area is therefore in a state where an alarm can be triggered.
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    • When I press disarm, it arms my site?

      This is only for devices connected to DSC units, the programming for the panel itself uses the same function for arm and disarm.
    • How do I arm an area?

      From the homescreen, choose the specific area you would like to arm and tap [Arm]
    • What is the difference between arm & active?

      [Arm] is a setting on an area level that activates the alarm of an area when there has been an unauthorised access. [Active] is when a zone is in an armed state where an alarm could be triggered. In other words, since areas are made of zones, when an ...
    • Can I set an area to auto-arm or auto-disarm at specific times?

      Currently end users can set area reminders so that they receive push notifications if they have not yet armed an area at a specific time, after which they can choose to arm or disarm an area. Please note: Only the primary user can set an arm reminder ...
    • What is [Sleep]?

      These are predetermined bypasses set by the installer on the panel according to the End User's specifications, as selective activation zones during hours of sleep for end user convenience. This feature is normally used when a user is going to sleep ...