What is the difference between bypass and disarm?

What is the difference between bypass and disarm?

[Bypass] is a setting that allows access to a customise zones whilst area is armed without triggering the alarm; this is applied on a zone level. [Disarm] is a setting to turn off the alarm when an armed area has been triggered; this is applied on an area level.
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    • When I press disarm, it arms my site?

      This is only for devices connected to DSC units, the programming for the panel itself uses the same function for arm and disarm.
    • What is the difference between stay, sleep & bypass?

      [Stay] and [Sleep] are types of bypass settings; they are predetermined bypasses set by the installer on a panel as per end user specifications as a custom selection of activation zones whilst the areas are armed. In other words, [Stay] and [Sleep] ...
    • What is [Disarm]?

      [Disarm] is a way of deactivating the alarm system after arming it or in an event that there was an alarm, by the end user through either the app or the keypad. The area would therefore be in a state where an alarm cannot be triggered.
    • I am not able to bypass any zones

      On DSC and IDS: Ensure the master code been entered into the app? On All panels Ensure bypass been enabled by the installer for the zones and areas?
    • What is the difference between arm & active?

      [Arm] is a setting on an area level that activates the alarm of an area when there has been an unauthorised access. [Active] is when a zone is in an armed state where an alarm could be triggered. In other words, since areas are made of zones, when an ...