Connecting your Olarm to Wi-Fi using WPS Mode

Connecting your Olarm to Wi-Fi using WPS Mode

Connecting your Olarm to Wi-Fi using WPS Mode

You can now connect your Olarm PRO to your Wi-Fi network using the WPS Mode, please note only 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi Networks are supported

On your Router

  1. Press the WPS mode button on the Wi-Fi router

On your Olarm PRO

  1. Once the Olarm PRO has been powered on
  2. Wait for it to start flashing green
  3. Press and hold the Fn button on the Olarm PRO for 5 seconds until it turns yellow
  4. The Olarm PRO will then turn solid blue once connected to the Wi-Fi

Olarm APP

Wi-Fi should now show connected in Olarm APP

Please note only certain firmware versions support this feature. 

Firmware requirements:
  1. 4G, firmware 4.4.2 and up
  2. 2G, firmware 3.5.2 and up
Olarm PRO’s from Batch “-M” onwards will come with Firmware able to utilize WPS mode out of the box, however older Batches will need to be updated before this feature will works.
The Batch is displayed on the back of the Olarm Radio as well as on the back of the Box.

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